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What Sells Well on eBay?

Unless you already have a business and are using eBay as an additional outlet, deciding what to sell is possibly the biggest stumbling block for anyone starting out on eBay. It is a personal decision which only you can make, but here are a few things to take into consideration.

You will enjoy the experience far more and probably have greater success if you have some interest in what you are selling online. Small, lightweight, unbreakable items are far easier to pack and carry to the post office than larger, more fragile items.

You will need to take the size of your budget into consideration. If you are intending to sell used goods you could get started for little or no cost and expand by reinvesting your profits.

If, on the other hand, you want to sell new goods you will need to have money available to buy stock. If you choose inexpensive products you will obviously need a smaller financial outlay to get you started than you would if you were selling higher ticket items.

The flip side of this, however is that generally speaking, the higher the cost of your products, the higher your profit per item is likely to be. Therefore, you would need to sell lots more low cost items to make a decent monthly income than you would if you were selling higher priced items. This, of course, would mean more work to do in the form of listing, packing, trips to the post office etc.

Another thing to consider if you decide to sell new goods is that you will need to find a supplier who will sell to you in bulk at a price low enough to give you a worthwhile profit margin. Due to the amount of competition on eBay, this is unlikely to be an easy task but it is not impossible.

A third option is selling digital products such as ebooks, mp3s and videos. Some people take a look on eBay and see numerous sellers listing ebooks for pennies and assume that the market is over-saturated and too competitive. However, a glance at the listings does not show the true picture, far from it. Selling digital products gives high percentage profits, there is no huge capital outlay needed for stock, and an ebook can be sold again and again, unlike tangible goods which need to be constantly restocked. Also many of these cheap ebooks are just being used as lead generators, a subject which we will be looking at in more detail in future articles.

Whilst it is important to ensure that what you ultimately decide to sell will attract enough buyers to make it viable, it is not advisable to enter a market where the competition is likely to be extremely fierce. A search on eBay Pulse will show the most searched for products to include popular gadgets such as the iPhone, the Nintendo Wii and other such items which are best left to the professionals with huge budgets and access to major suppliers.

Over the coming weeks we will be taking a more in-depth look at various products that sell well on eBay so please be sure to come back often.


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  1. Dawn Kay says:

    Hi Lynn

    Its a tough one deciding what to sell on ebay. I started selling all my unwanted items that were laying around the house, old books, clothes, kids toys, dvds and made some extra cash that came in handy.

    That’s when I came across information products and started selling them and the rest as they say is history (lol).

    There’s lots of things you can sell on ebay and if you spend time having a good look at what other people are selling, it will give you some great ideas.

    Take care

    Dawn Kay

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