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What Sells on eBay: Christmas Ornaments

With the holiday season fast approaching we thought it would be a good time to take a look at Christmas ornaments on eBay.  We were surprised to see the high prices they can fetch, and here is a screenshot of  some of those we came across at the top end of the market.

Collectible Christmas Ornaments sold on eBay

We found that it is not only vintage ornaments that sell for good prices,  many modern pieces are also very collectible. Swarovski is the most prominent brand and it was one of their pieces that had achieved the highest price on the day we looked. The 1991 Christmas ornament sold for $1000 in spite of the only photograph in the listing focusing on the box rather than the ornament. Maybe if the seller had used multiple (and better) images and removed their ‘no returns’ policy, it would have received more than one bid and fetched an even higher price.

Although that was the only 4-figure sale, many other Swarovski pieces sold for 3-figure sums.

Swarovski Christmas Ornament on eBaySwarovski Christmas Ornament on eBay

Swarovski Christmas Ornament on eBaySwarovski Christmas Ornament on eBaySwarovski Christmas Ornament on eBaySwarovski Christmas Ornament on eBay

Of course, not all Swarovski Christmas ornaments sell for high prices. Indeed a large percentage of the listings ended without any bids. As with most collectibles, the best selling items are those that come complete with the original box, and a Certificate of Authenticity where applicable.

Antique Dresden Ornaments attract a lot of interest but due to their age they will be harder to find than more modern pieces. The frog was the highest priced at $799.

Dresden Christmas Ornaments on eBay

Some antique spun cotton animal ornaments such as the dog in the screenshot near the top of this page, and the donkey and the horse shown below all attracted several bids, as did a miscellany of other interesting ornaments.

Although we always check  eBay UK as well as the USA site, we haven’t shown any examples from the UK in this article, the reason being that there currently appears to be less enthusiasm for Christmas ornaments here than on the other side of the Atlantic. The three highest prices achieved on eBay UK were all Swarovski ornaments, the highest priced of which were two 1992 Snowflake ornaments which sold for £200.50 and £195, and a 1999 Star which sold for £185. Apart from a set of 23 Grolier Disney Tree Ornaments which fetched £140, no other Christmas ornaments sold for more than £100 on eBay UK. If you are a UK seller and have Christmas ornaments to sell, maybe listing them on the USA site would bring you the highest price.

If you are visiting any garage sales or flea markets in the near future you may want to be on the look out for attractive Christmas Ornaments. As always, however, don’t risk paying a lot for items unless you have done your research and are as sure as you can be that you will get a worthwhile return on your investment.


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