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Selling Vinyl Records Online

If you have an interest in music, selling vinyl records can be an enjoyable way to make money online.

Although vinyl is no longer the format of choice for most buyers of contemporary music, deleted or ‘out of print’ (OOP) vinyl is still very collectible, and it is relatively easy to obtain. Many people replace their old records with CD or MP3 then dispose of their vinyl collection without realising how much it may be worth.

It’s not unusual for a search of completed listings on eBay to bring up several LPs that have sold for upwards of £1000 (US$1500).

However, although it may be worthwhile making a note of these high value items (because you never know your luck!), your time would be better spent concentrating on more realistically priced records which are less rare and therefore are more likely to turn up at flea markets, car boot sales, charity shops and garage sales, etc.

And it’s not just LPs that are in demand, 7″ and 12″ singles also change hands for good prices.

Again, although it’s always possible that you could hit the jackpot, the collectible records you are likely to come across are the ones that sell for a more realistic price.

As with used books, there are many genres to choose from within the category of music and it is a good idea to specialise in a niche that interests you. Whether it’s country music or prog rock, heavy metal or folk, or maybe a specific record label, by concentrating on one niche you can quickly become an expert and know what to look for when out scouting for merchandise.

As well as checking completed auctions on eBay to discover which records are currently fetching high prices, an archive of past vinyl auctions that reached US$30 or more can be found at You might also want to keep an eye on the ‘Want It Now’ posts on eBay, although these are usually for obscurities that would be difficult to find.



  1. Mark says:

    what about the old 78’s is there a market for them as well

  2. tina says:

    i want to sell a large stack of various albums. thats right old lp’s. bands such as ac dc,judas priest,aldo nova,queen,scorpions, ozzy, man,chicago etc. just unsure how to do it. contact me thru my email if intrested.

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