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More Free Listing Days on eBay

This coming weekend (Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March) there will be no insertion fees for private sellers on eBay UK and eBay Ireland on auction-style listings (with any starting price). This promotion applies to all categories apart from the usual exclusions (Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles, Residential Property, Mobile Phones with Contract etc – see the terms and conditions on the relevant eBay site for full details).

Some sellers dislike free listing days because they feel that their online auctions get buried amongst all the junk that gets listed during these promotions, and maybe they do have a point.

However, I take advantage of the opportunity to relist items that have previously gone unsold without risking more listing fees, and I always get enough sales to make it worthwhile.

Free listing days on eBay UK seem to have become more frequent over the past few months. There was the one which began on 9th December last year for listings under £4.99 and was scheduled to run until 24th January, but was subsequently extended until 7th February. Then there was free listing with any starting price on 18th and 19th February. And now, just a month later, we have another one to look forward to (or not, depending on whether you are in the love them or hate them camp).

So what’s it all about? Is this another step towards what many see as the “Amazonification” of eBay? Are all listing fees going to be scrapped eventually and replaced by higher final value fees? Only time will tell.


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