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Free Holiday Listing for eBay USA and Canada Sellers

eBay have announced that from today through till January 7 2011, sellers on  eBay Canada and eBay USA can list up to 100 auction-style listings per month without paying an insertion fee. As is always the case with free listing promotions, there are certain exclusions, and this one is not open to sellers who have an eBay store subscription. Sellers who have sold more than ten items must have minimum DSR’s of 4.5 or higher across all criteria to qualify.

Fixed price listings are excluded from the promotion, as are Classified Ads and some eBay Motors, Business and Industrial categories. For full details see the eBay announcement page.

As soon as we saw that this promotion was taking place, we checked to see if there is a similar promotion for eBay sellers in other countries, but unfortunately it looks like it’s just for USA and Canada at the moment. This seems very unfair, and it is to be hoped that a similar promotion will be soon be available to sellers across all eBay’s sites.



  1. Hi Lynn, that’s a great chance for people that’re thinking of starting to sell on eBay. Shame it’s not world wide but as everything they try it on a smaller scale first, and if it works they may play it out to the rest of us.

    Seeing as how i have an eBay store I won’t qualify anyway but for for people looking to generate some extrsa funds for christmas shopping it’s a great idea.

    Your commentluv doesn’t seem to be working either Lynn.

    Take care my friend, catch up soon, Barry

  2. Lynn says:

    Hi Barry, it’s great to hear from you again :-)

    There seems to be a free listing weekend for eBay UK and Ireland every two weeks at the moment. But it’s usually just for auction style listings so those with eBay stores miss out. As you say though, it’s a great opportunity for those who do qualify to get some extra cash for Christmas.

    Thanks for the heads up about CommentLuv, I’ll check it out asap.

    Take care

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