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Do You Have All Your Eggs in One Basket?

One is a very precarious number in any business, but many eBay sellers seem to be oblivious to the risks they are taking.

One Product : It is possible to achieve a good online income by relying on just one high-demand product but that income could disappear overnight if supplies dry up or if the product declines in popularity. A portfolio of products is a safer route to take.

One Supplier : No matter how well-established a supplier may appear to be, there is never any guarantee that they won’t suddenly cease trading. They may decide, for whatever reason, to discontinue the product(s) that you sell or they may increase their minimum order to such an extent that it would no longer be viable for you to deal with them.

One eBay Account : You could log into eBay one day and find that your account has been suspended. eBay are notorious for closing accounts first and asking questions later. If another user makes a complaint against you, however unfounded, or if eBay find that you have (possibly unwittingly) not complied with their guidelines in your listings, you could find your account suspended for several weeks until the problem is resolved. So it is wise to have more than one account (you can have as many eBay accounts as you wish so long as each one is linked to a different email address).

One Sales Platform : The greatest risk taken by a large number of eBay sellers must surely be their reliance upon eBay as their sole sales outlet. While it is unlikely that eBay will suddenly disappear and wipe out everyone’s business at a stroke, they can (and do) make decisions that can have a detrimental effect on sellers’ businesses. An example of this was their sudden decision to ban the sale of digital goods; a decision which led to the demise of many profitable eBay businesses. eBay can change the rules, increase their fees and move the goalposts any time they want to and there is nothing their sellers can do other than adapt, grin and bear it, or call it a day.

Rather than relying on eBay as their only sales platform, savvy eBayers are using the site as a lead generation tool to build a list of customers and/or prospects who they can then sell to outside of eBay.


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