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Could You Save Money on Listing Fees?

When browsing on eBay I am always amazed by the number of sellers, including experienced ones, who seem to completely disregard the Insertion Fee structure when deciding on their starting prices. Being aware of the fee structure can save you money.

Let me give you an example. Today I came across a seller who has been registered with eBay for almost two years and has a feedback of 446. Two of this seller’s current listings have a starting price of £5, and 17 have a starting price of £15.

At the time of writing, Insertion Fees for private sellers on eBay UK are:

Starting or Reserve Price Insertion Fee
£0.01 – £0.99 No fee
£1.00 – £4.99 £0.15
£5.00 – £14.99 £0.25
£15.00 – £29.99 £0.50
£30.00 – £99.99 £1.00
£100.00 or more £1.30

Therefore, the 19 items listed by our example seller incurred total Insertion Fees of £9.00 (2 items at £0.25 plus 17 items at £0.50).

If he/she had reduced the Starting Price by just £0.01 for each of these items, the Insertion Fees would have been £0.15 each for the two £4.99 items (total £0.30) and £0.25 each for the seventeen £14.99 items
(total £4.25) making the total Insertion Fee £4.55, a saving of £4.45 (less £0.19 off the total selling price if each of the items sold for the starting price).

£4.25 may not be a huge amount, but if this seller made similar listings each week, it would mean a saving of more than £200 over the course of a year.

Although the example used is from eBay UK, the principal is the same no matter which country site you list on. So keep a note of the Insertion Fees handy and consult it before deciding upon your Starting Price to ensure that you’re not pouring money down the drain.


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