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Debbie’s New eBay Business Idea – Make Money from the Same Sale Twice!

I received an email from Debbie Henry today in which she reveals that she has a new eBay business idea that would make money from the same sale twice. What? Surely that can’t be possible. If it were, wouldn’t we all be doing it already?

The email linked to Debbie’s latest blog post in which she invites us all to follow along as she reveals her new idea one step at a time. She’s not sure yet that the plan will turn out as she hopes, but as she’s decided to ‘go public’ she must be pretty confident that it will work so she can certainly count me in!

The first step is to lay the foundations that the business will be built upon so if you are interested in joining in with Debbie’s experiment, check out the blog post here.

She has invited participants to guess what Phase 2 will be. Personally, I haven’t got a clue but I’m really looking forward to finding out!

Good luck to Debbie and all those who follow along. Let’s hope it’s the start of something big :-)