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Free Holiday Listing for eBay USA and Canada Sellers

eBay have announced that from today through till January 7 2011, sellers on  eBay Canada and eBay USA can list up to 100 auction-style listings per month without paying an insertion fee. As is always the case with free listing promotions, there are certain exclusions, and this one is not open to sellers who have an eBay store subscription. Sellers who have sold more than ten items must have minimum DSR’s of 4.5 or higher across all criteria to qualify.

Fixed price listings are excluded from the promotion, as are Classified Ads and some eBay Motors, Business and Industrial categories. For full details see the eBay announcement page.

As soon as we saw that this promotion was taking place, we checked to see if there is a similar promotion for eBay sellers in other countries, but unfortunately it looks like it’s just for USA and Canada at the moment. This seems very unfair, and it is to be hoped that a similar promotion will be soon be available to sellers across all eBay’s sites.


New Acquisition, New Design and New Name for Bonanzle

Bonanzle, the online marketplace where shoppers can find “everything but the ordinary” announced last week that it has acquired 1000 Markets, and will now be known as Bonanza. To complete the changes, Continue reading ‘New Acquisition, New Design and New Name for Bonanzle’ »


Grab Your Free Products – The Original Products Giveaway is Live!

Today’s the day!

Keith Purkiss and Michael Ottman’s St Swithin’s Giveaway has launched!

Keith and Michael know a LOT of marketers from networking events, forums, coaching courses etc and have persuaded them to give away some of their best original products and services in this huge event!

I’ve had a sneak preview and some of these are paid products that have NEVER been given away before, and some are being specially created just for this event.

We have contributed a gift of our own – our brand new report “12 Easy-to-Source Low-Cost Things to Sell on eBay” which we only completed a couple of days ago is exclusively available for immediate download from this amazing giveaway event, and it won’t cost you a penny!

Just sign up using this VIP link and enjoy a ton of valuable gifts that you can download at zero cost!

Oh, and by the way, this giveaway is only open until St Swithin’s day (July 15) so be sure to sign up now and download all of the free gifts while you can!


The Original Products Giveaway Is Almost Here!

Just in case you haven’t heard, the fantastic St. Swithins Original Products Giveaway launches at the end of this week.

Keith Purkiss and Michael Ottoman have convinced hundreds of their contacts to submit thousands of dollars worth of original ebooks, software, scripts and more to the Giveaway so you can download them all for FREE!

The event launches at 10am EDT this coming Friday (I believe that is 3pm UK time) and I will be posting an exclusive VIP access link here on the blog so that you can grab all of those valuable free gifts!

Remember, these are all original products, not tired old out-of-date resell rights products that have been doing the rounds for years, so be sure to drop by on Friday and get your link.


Free Listing Day on eBay UK and eBay Ireland

eBay have announced another free listing day for private sellers in the UK and Ireland this coming Sunday, 6th June. This applies only to listings in the auction format, and business sellers are excluded. As usual, only the actual listing fee is free of charge, any upgrades will have to be paid for, as will final value fees.

Check out the full terms and conditions at


More Free Listing Days on eBay

This coming weekend (Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March) there will be no insertion fees for private sellers on eBay UK and eBay Ireland on auction-style listings (with any starting price). This promotion applies to all categories apart from the usual exclusions (Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles, Residential Property, Mobile Phones with Contract etc – see the terms and conditions on the relevant eBay site for full details).

Some sellers dislike free listing days because they feel that their online auctions get buried amongst all the junk that gets listed during these promotions, and maybe they do have a point.

However, I take advantage of the opportunity to Continue reading ‘More Free Listing Days on eBay’ »