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Debbie’s New eBay Business Idea – Make Money from the Same Sale Twice!

I received an email from Debbie Henry today in which she reveals that she has a new eBay business idea that would make money from the same sale twice. What? Surely that can’t be possible. If it were, wouldn’t we all be doing it already?

The email linked to Debbie’s latest blog post in which she invites us all to follow along as she reveals her new idea one step at a time. She’s not sure yet that the plan will turn out as she hopes, but as she’s decided to ‘go public’ she must be pretty confident that it will work so she can certainly count me in!

The first step is to lay the foundations that the business will be built upon so if you are interested in joining in with Debbie’s experiment, check out the blog post here.

She has invited participants to guess what Phase 2 will be. Personally, I haven’t got a clue but I’m really looking forward to finding out!

Good luck to Debbie and all those who follow along. Let’s hope it’s the start of something big :-)



Fishing for Niches by Debbie Henry (review)

Debbie Henry is an eBay trained education specialist who has been buying and selling on eBay since 2002.  Like many of us, she began her eBay venture by selling things she and her family no longer needed, then moved on to buying anything that caught her eye at flea markets and garage sales. Using her gut instinct she managed to find Continue reading ‘Fishing for Niches by Debbie Henry (review)’ »


New Year, New Plans, New Goals

Happy New Year everybody! Okay,  I’m a bit late (so what’s new!), but there are still more than 11 months stretched out before us, untouched and inviting. That still gives us time to reflect on our successes of last year and make plans to build upon them and do even better in the year ahead. As for last year’s failures Continue reading ‘New Year, New Plans, New Goals’ »


What sells on eBay: Typewriter Keys

Although some vintage models are still sought after by collectors, generally speaking there is little demand for old typewriters. They can often be picked up for just a few dollars, and it’s not unusual to find them being given away for free because their owners just want to be rid of them.

Old typewriter sold for US$12 on eBay

However, it is still possible to make a good profit from old typewriters Continue reading ‘What sells on eBay: Typewriter Keys’ »


Sell New and Used Toys This Holiday Season

As an eBay seller, you are probably wondering what impact the economy might have on the biggest selling season of the year.

Well, according to a recent survey for the National Retail Federation, Americans plan to spend $688.87 on holiday-related shopping, only slightly up from last year’s $682.83.

But whatever the state of the economy, we can be sure that children will always come first. Even if it means cutting the budget elsewhere, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will find a way to buy toys and gifts for the children in their lives.

No matter what, parents will find a way to buy toys for their children. And if they can’t afford to get the newest toys for this year, they will buy used.

One of the best strategies toy sellers can implement this holiday season is to offer both used and new toys to their customers. Even though new toys traditionally skyrocket during the holidays – which means sellers can buy them at full retail price and see them double or triple on eBay if demand outstrips supply – there can be a much higher profit margin when selling used toys. You can pick up gently used toys at yard sales, charity shops and flea markets for pennies on the dollar and turn them around for 100-200% profit on eBay!

But it all comes down to knowing what sells…

Jenni Hunt has consistently doubled her profits every year since starting her eBay business in 2003, and she spends hours every week researching trends to find what children’s items are selling well. Her popular Holiday Toy Guide has been published annually since 2004 and was created to help you know what is selling (and what isn’t!). In an unpredictable economy this is must have information.

Jenni is giving away 3 free reports which she’s designed to help you sell toys this holiday season. You’ll learn what the toy trends are for 2010, top listing tips and how to find out what is selling on eBay this year.


Free Holiday Listing for eBay USA and Canada Sellers

eBay have announced that from today through till January 7 2011, sellers on  eBay Canada and eBay USA can list up to 100 auction-style listings per month without paying an insertion fee. As is always the case with free listing promotions, there are certain exclusions, and this one is not open to sellers who have an eBay store subscription. Sellers who have sold more than ten items must have minimum DSR’s of 4.5 or higher across all criteria to qualify.

Fixed price listings are excluded from the promotion, as are Classified Ads and some eBay Motors, Business and Industrial categories. For full details see the eBay announcement page.

As soon as we saw that this promotion was taking place, we checked to see if there is a similar promotion for eBay sellers in other countries, but unfortunately it looks like it’s just for USA and Canada at the moment. This seems very unfair, and it is to be hoped that a similar promotion will be soon be available to sellers across all eBay’s sites.


New Acquisition, New Design and New Name for Bonanzle

Bonanzle, the online marketplace where shoppers can find “everything but the ordinary” announced last week that it has acquired 1000 Markets, and will now be known as Bonanza. To complete the changes, Continue reading ‘New Acquisition, New Design and New Name for Bonanzle’ »


What Sells on eBay: Christmas Ornaments

With the holiday season fast approaching we thought it would be a good time to take a look at Christmas ornaments on eBay.  We were surprised to see the high prices they can fetch, and here is a screenshot of  Continue reading ‘What Sells on eBay: Christmas Ornaments’ »


Avoiding Potential Problems When Selling on eBay

We’ve just had one of those months on eBay when seemingly everything that could go wrong did go wrong. In fact, over a period of five weeks or so, we encountered more problems than in all of our 9 years on eBay put together :shock:. We’ve had non-paying bidders, parcels going astray, packages returned undelivered and an item was broken in transit. We also managed to Continue reading ‘Avoiding Potential Problems When Selling on eBay’ »


Proof of Posting – Is It Worth It?

When we send packages to our eBay and Amazon customers we always obtain ‘proof of posting’ in case the package goes missing and we need to make a claim. A customer recently contacted us to say that his item had not arrived and as it was almost four weeks since we sent it, we had to assume Continue reading ‘Proof of Posting – Is It Worth It?’ »